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Sunday at Menucha

Steps to a secluded spot in the garden

The Hebrew word “Menucha,” (pronounced “Men-oo-ka”) has a meaning that conveys “rebuilding,” “renewing,” or “restoring.”*

I arrived at Menucha yesterday evening.  I am here to take a class in collage from Deborah Faye Lawrence.  Creative Arts Community sponsors two, week-long sessions each summer with different teachers.  This week I know that there are classes in plein aire, ceramics, writing, mixed media and several others.

Sunset influenced by smoke from B.C. wildfires

The location here at Menucha is breathtaking.  The lovely grounds overlook the Columbia Gorge  east of Portland, Oregon.  The property is owned and run by the First Presbyterian Church of Portland.  I am thrilled to be spending a week at “art camp!”


Everywhere you look is beauty.  It’s peaceful and oh-so-welcoming—as are all the “campers” I’ve met.  To a person they have gone out of their way to welcome me, introduce themselves, clue me into the working of camp and answer my questions.  One could not ask for a more friendly group. 

I am in for a treat!

*From the pamphlet titled “A Brief History of Menucha Retreat and Conference Center.”

One comment on “Sunday at Menucha

  1. jacki long says:

    So happy for you Michele! You do the most exciting things & places,
    and lucky for us, you share! ♥ Thank you!


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