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Selfie (w/o glasses)


Selfie w/o glasses—mixed media

“People say it is difficult to know yourself—but it’s not easy to paint oneself either.”  Vincent Van Gogh

I took a mixed media journaling class through the Pacific Northwest Art School with Mary Beth Shaw and Pam Carriker.  I had initially signed on because two friends I had met at another class (in Taos, and you know who you are!) were going to be there.  The class  turned out to be wonderful and filled with useful techniques and the instructors were fun, organized, full of encouragement and just plain fun to be around.  The other participants in the class added to the whole experience with talent, energy and creative ideas that they “riffed” off the demonstrations provided by Mary Beth and Pam.  It was a hoot!

Isabella. 2 page spread.  July, 2017

Isabella—2 page spread.  July 2017

i fell in love with Pam’s line of paints (Pam Carriker’s Sheer Colors, produced by Derwin in their Matisse line, available at Jerry’s Art-o-Rama).  The last thing I thought I needed was more paint.  I was wrong!  Pam’s paint is truly sheer, utterly transparent, and blends beautifully while it dries quickly.  I loved using them on backgrounds and also in the self portrait (which was done with White Washed from Pam’s line, white gesso, water solvable Lyra Graphithreide crayon and graphite).


Generations—2 page spread.  July 2017


Class members

I really enjoyed myself and was happy to be able to spend time at Camp Casey, where the classroom was located.  There was a pair of resident eagles who were totally entertaining—and noisy.  Lovely place to be on a beautiful summer day.




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